Mabnapisheh Company started its activity by producing electrical heaters in 1980’s. Our major activities were related to household appliances and small industrial heaters.
At start by relaying on our research and development department we focused on costumers needs and started a new type of production. There for by gaining experience throw the years we begun innovation in our production with producing industrial electrical heaters as the only manufacturer in Iran.
With assistance of young professional engineers and based on their technical knowledge we were able to design new products in order to reduce installation and maintenance costs satisfying our customer’s needs in different industries such as : Oil , Gas and petrochemical industries , Textile industries , Cement industries , Railway industries and etc.
Of course it would be necessary to know that Mabnapisheh did not stop in research and development by innovating new products such as cartridge heaters with high efficiency and its huge capability in solving industries problems.
Other achievements of Mabnapisheh to be noted will be the pipe production line and spiral fin machine which are manufactured by our own company.
It’s worth mentioning that we obtained ISO 9001 quality management certificate in order to improve our products quality and customer satisfaction and ATEX certification for providing hazard area in different industries.
Mabnapisheh success in producing electrical heating systems and electrical heat exchangers made Mabnapisheh as a well-known brand in many industries in Iran and regarding that we have entered in many vendor lists in different industries which some of them are mentioned in attachment as an example.
It should be mentioned that we are a member of Iranian supplier and manufacturer of oil industries (S.I.P.I.E.M) also.

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Unit 2 , No.4 , Farahani Dead End , Bosnia and Herzegovina St. , Fereshteh St. Tehran-Iran

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